Live Support Sales Enablement Portal

 Visual Attendant

Visual Attendant enables consumers to click-to-connect to an organization directly through their website. Prospects can select the department or individual they want to speak with using an intuitive menu tree right from the organizations website. 

Calls are routed directly to a phone number and can be answered using the agent's phone.  


  • Businesses can create/manage Visual Attendant themselves – no support worries
  • Embed code is automatically generated – just cut and paste into a website
  • Works on desktop and mobile endpoints
  • Easily billed like toll-free service using per transaction and per minute billing

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Live Support 

Live Support

Live Support empowers consumers to click-to-connect to an organization directly through their website. Prospects have the option to select a department through a visual menu tree and then chat, video or voice call with an organizations contact center's representative. 

Agents at the contact center have access to an application that allows them to communicate directly with customers and prospects using screen share capabilities.  This service is useful for sales, support or personal shopping assistance. 

Call Center capabilities such as ques, escalations and reporting are available for supervisors and administrators.  Watch this video to learn more. 

Live Support comes with an optional Digital Cognitive agent which allows Organizations to offload repetitive questions to a chat bot. Check out the video on the left to learn how this hels organizations save money. 


  • Create a web-based concierge for more personalized online retail
  • Leverage two-way video for customer support issues (users can show agents a problem vs describe it)
  • Provide off-hour or 24/7 support using AI-based agents
  • Reduce hold times or agent staff costs using AI-based agents


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Live Support User Experience

Website Menu Tree

Contacting an Agent

Agent Video Chat Session

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Visual Attendant 

Sales Enablement Training

Visual Attendant allows Businesses to add a click to call button and menu tree to their website.  Their customers can click to call them immediately for purchases, support or simply to contact them with questions. Check out this Tutorial to learn how to position Unified Communications to your prospect!

Live Support

Sales Enablement Training

Live Support also allows businesses the ability to add a click to contact button to their website. It also provides the ability to chat, or place a call to the business directly on their website. Additionally the Business will provide their agents with a web based tool in order to manage communications with their customers. Learn how to position this service with your prospects by watching the video. 

Live Support Agent Dashboard

 Client Tutorials 

and Quick Reference Guides


Visual Attendant 

Build a button

The Visual Attendant sets up the Organization's Click-to Call Button and adds it to the website. During this process they will also set up the directory and determine the graphics or colors and location of the button. 

Just a few quick steps and prospects can start connecting with the business to make purchases or get support. 




Live Support Administration Tutorial

This tutorial provides details on how Administrators and Supervisors set up an organization's Live Support button, creates the menu tree with departments and assigns the agents to specific departments.  This ensures  an organization's customer and prospects never miss a call or opportunity. Watch this tutorial for specifics on how this service is set up. 




Live Support Agent Tutorial

Businesses frequently choose to allow customers to self-direct their calls by offering a menu- tree option. This enhances the customer's experience and streamline's cost for organizations as compared to staffing a full-time receptionist. 

[Provider name's] Auto attendant service is simple to can be updated using our intuitive web interface.  Watch the tutorial on the right and download the user guide to get started. 



Live Support Digital Cognitive Assistant Tutorial

he digital cognitive agent allows the organization's questions to be answered by a chat bot. This offloads simple questions from an Agent's queue, allowing them to focus on more complex interactions with their customers.  This tutorial explains how agents are assigned and how the DCA feature is activated. 



Live Support User Tutorial

This tutorial explains the User Experience and how they will communicate with the organization's agents.  Watch the video for a demo on how your customers' prospects will communicate using the Live Support interface directly from the organization's website.

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