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Unified Communications enables you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. 

IBM Unified Communications

IBM Unified Communications service is cloud-based and can connect teams from anywhere, while at home or on the go.  Our UC clients offer a full suite of features accessible using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Customers connect instantly to team members or customers using voice, video, or screenshare and can instantly start a conference call with one or many. .   

Features include: 

  • Desktop and Mobile
  • MAC-friendly
  • Switch live calls between devices easily
  • Supports custom colors for branding
  • Integrate with third-parties


Unified Communications Benefits

Any Device

Connecting Teams Virtually

Anytime, Anywhere

Unified Communications 

Sales Enablement Training

IBM's Unified Communications delivers solutions you might expect from a traditional  phone system, plus a full suite of unified communications services including web meetings, video conferencing, instant messaging and presence. All delivered in the form of a flexible, reliable and affordable cloud-based service. Check out this Tutorial to learn how to position Unified Communications to your prospect!

 Client Tutorials 

and Quick Reference Guides


Desktop Client

The IBM Unified Communications Client serves as a collaboration tool, where employees can chat, or make voice or video calls. For those that subscribe to Collaboration services, a session can be initiated and shared with attendees from anywhere across the globe. 

Custom tabs are available and can be administered to provide employees to quick access to frequently visited URLs from right within the Desktop Client. 

For instructions on how to use the desktop client, download the quick reference guide or watch the tutorial provided on the right. 

Mobility Client

The Mobility client can be downloaded to an IoS or Android smartphone and provides all of the features and functionality as the desktop client while away from the office or on the go! Simply download and install the app to get started.  

View the Mobility Client Tutorial on the right to learn about the various mobility client's features and download the quick reference guide to keep on hand or share with others. 


Unified communications enables employees to  take conference calls to the next level by providing a web-based collaboration platform that enables video, screen and application sharing as well as white-board capabilities. 

Use our tutorial and download the quick reference guide on the right to get up to speed on the how to use IBM's intuitive collaboration app. 

Auto Attendant 

Businesses frequently choose to allow customers to self-direct their calls by offering a menu- tree option. This enhances the customer's experience and streamline's cost for organizations as compared to staffing a full-time receptionist. 

[Provider name's] Auto attendant service is simple to can be updated using our intuitive web interface.  Watch the tutorial on the right and download the user guide to get started. 


Our Click-to-call capability comes with IBM's Unified Communications service. This feature enable users to place calls from within websites, email software and online. 

Watch our tutorial located on the right to learn how to download and embed this capability and increase your team's productivity by saving time and clicks when making outbound calls. 

Live Support

Live Support enables consumers to click-to-connect to an organization directly through their website. Prospects have the option to select a department through a visual menu tree and then chat, video or voice call with an organizations contact center's representative. 

Agents at the contact center have access to an application that allows them to communicate directly with customers and prospects using screen share capabilities.  This service is useful for sales, support or personal shopping assistance. 

Call Center capabilities such as ques, escalations and reporting are available for supervisors and administrators.  Watch this video to learn more. 


Live Support 

Sales Enablement Tutorial

Anyone with a website can benefit from Live Support. Whether they use it for Sales, Support, Or VIP Personal Shopping Experience, Organizations can leverage Live Support to Drive More Revenues and Retain customers. Live Support makes it simple and easy to contact an organization directly from their website. Check out this tutorial to learn how to position this solution with your prospects. 


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