Time to Invest Wisely in the Future

Universities have always contributed to the evolution of Technology, but recent studies indicate that the current technology spend in less than one might expect.  With the pressures of the current economy, University leaders should consider that now is the time to invest wisely in the future.  Upgrades to infrastructure can help universities, maintain student enrollment, grow online enrollment, improve faculty satisfaction and protect student privacy and university assets. 

"In today’s environment, IT leaders should consider themselves an integral part of the business of running a university, with one customer in mind: the student.”


Student Satisfaction

Students are a Universities primary source of income, and as such, should be considered the primary customer by Campus IT leaders. 

Today, over 89% of Students have multiple devices that they are looking to connect to from more places than ever before. Additionally, students and faculty are interested in online learning tools and cloud collaboration applications to keep them connected to each other and the world.

More Connections, More Devices, More Applications. 

These requirements and more often drive the need for Universities to upgrade their network. 

Ribbon's Intelligent Edge and Packet Optical Network portfolios provide solutions for any network upgrade with the ability to self-manage leveraging Ribbons Edgeview Service Control Center dashboard.

IT Leaders Top Priorities

With the increase of devices,applications and connections, also comes an increase in Security Risk.  IT leaders are tasked with not only protecting the Universities proprietary assets, but also student privacy.  

A single security breach can cost the University millions of dollars. 

Over four million people were included in a class action suit against Washington State University, while the University of Kentucky is believed to have paid $1.5M after a cyber attack earlier this year.  The University of Greenwich paid approximately $160 K as a fine for a security breach which compromised personal data of over nineteen thousand students. 

IT leaders can protect their networks leveraging Ribbon's Security & Analytics portfolio offered only by Ribbon Authorized partners.


 Tools for Success

Universities are vested in the success of their students and Ribbon authorized partners are here to help Campus IT leaders deploy, upgrade or augment their networks to assure Universities succeed as well. 

Ribbon's experience in delivering carrier-grade services for over 2 decades assures that IT leaders have the technology and tools to be successful. 

Ribbon has successfully deployed national research and education network services across the globe, including Lonestar Education & Research Network in Texas, SURFNET in the Netherlands, Idaho Regional Optical Network and Deutsches Forschungnetz: Germany.

Whether you are looking to connect to a national or global network or just looking to update your universities private network, or looking for a cloud - based collaboration service, Ribbon has a solution to meet your needs. 

There has never been a better time to upgrade your Campus communications infrastructure.  Trust Ribbon's carrier-grade expertise and contact us today to schedule an appointment. 



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